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Magic With Everyday Objects.

Sounds like a good title for a book or a DVD. The fact is we get people who come in and ask what is new and good and we show them something and they although they may be impressed with the item, they say, no not that. Why? Because its a gimmick. They don’t want gimmicks. They want something that can be done with “everyday objects.” Fair enough.

Its a long list and I know I’m leaving out stuff, so if you think of anything I left out you can let me know in the comment section at the end. So what is more everyday than a wallet. I counted about 75 different wallets, DVD’s, and downloads when I put wallet in our search box and I’m sure there are many more if I put it in our Google search.

Depending on what you want, you can have fire jump out of them when you go to pay the bill at a restaurant; you can find a chosen and signed card in a zippered compartment of the wallet, and some can let you read another’s thoughts like Thought Transmitter Pro by John Cornelius( which has always been a favorite of mine) and now there is a new and improved version., etc.  A must for every mentalist! The KAPS fire wallet does s few things and I have had rave feedbacks on the Mesika Wallet.

Wallets come in all different shapes and sizes.

Sharpies.  There are about 20 items that iclude a sharpie, one of them is called Sharpen, which has a color changing cap, black green and red.

There are coin tricks, galore . I Googled coin tricks  and had over 400 results in .27 seconds. Good old Google. There are DVDs, Books, Tricks for beginners to pros in every price range.

Then there are everyday objects that float, there are elastic bands that do miracles. Its actually the magicians that do the miracles. There are salt shakers, dollar bills, book tests, dice , napkins, keys, forks , business cards, playing cards, etc. Too numerous to name. So if you are looking for magic with everyday objects, look no further. They are all here.




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