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The Sound of Magic

PhilFirst, I wish all my readers a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015. We just left Kitchener after spending 9 days with Joan and Roman and Dennis. Its cold and windy outside, but so far still no snow. We had a great time, as usual, a terrific Christmas dinner, a cozy celebration of the New Year and Phil had 4 shows, originally 5 but one was cancelled due to “Health Outbreak”.

About 2 hours into our drive to Kitchener Phil said, “Oh, I forgot to pack my Happie Amp.” Phil loves his Happie Amp, never goes to a show without it. We had 5 shows in the Kitchener area and Phil plays ragtime piano and sings and encourages everyone to join in, and many do. They all know the songs from their youth.

Then he remembered that Roman had a system he could use. We borrowed it. Roman charged it up overnight and everything went well. When the show was over I told Phil to bring it in to charge up for the next show. “No, my Amp does 4 or 5 one hour shows without needing to recharge it. Okay. Except in the second show, after 10 minutes the mic died. I turned the switch on and off and the green light went on and as soon as Phil started to play, it died again. The person in charge was wonderful, one two, three we had a mic and a boom to reach over the piano and it saved the day.

The person in charge warned us in advance that this was a “faith based” organization and asked us not to have any off coloured jokes. Phil said, “I’m a piano player, not a comedian.” In any case, I squirmed a little when he played “Just a Closer Walk With Thee” in ragtime. The concert took place in a chapel and she said she prepared the audience and warned them that his is not the usual type of music they are used to, but she wanted them to hear something different. And they did! When it was over she said to Phil, “That piano has never had its keys tickled like that before.” We’ll see if they invite us back. I did see a lot of feet tapping during the performance so I think they enjoyed it.

When we got back he immediately charged the Amp to be set for the next show. Next day we got to the place he was playing and they had a mic all set up for him which he used. I think that was his best show. We have been going there for 7 years now. One man in the front row who was completely blind, stood up and applauded with all his heart after every tune. It was heartwarming. Lots of standing ovations.

When we got back Roman asked if everything went okay, Phil told him he no trouble at all with the sound. And then told him he never took it out ouf the carrying case. We had a good laugh.

The last place he played he used the amp again and it worked perfectly. 

The point is to make sure to remember all your equipment. The Happie Amp is great, light weight, easy to manage and Phil loves it and the fact that he doesn’t have to depend on someone else’s equipment, which with he is not familiar.



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