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When Magic Doves Retire

Lillo Traina

Lillo Traina

There was a time when Dove Magic was the rage. We don’t see that much of it any more. When we went to conventions back in the day, every Magic Contest had 3 or 4 or more Dove Acts. It got to such a point that Bob Little, magician and magic dealer, owner of Guaranteed Magic, once did a comedy act at Magic Montreal as Dovino. He was dressed as a  giant dove and produced magicians. It was hilarious.

Darcy Oaks was on Great Britain has Talent and he did fabulous dove productions. Also at Magie Montreal we had Jimmy Ray, James Cielen, George Sateriale, Devlin and others. They all had doves in their acts. You have to be dedicated. You have to look after the doves, feed them, train them, travel with them. Not easy. I know. The late great Impossiblist Reveen once had a touring magic show and ended his tour in Montreal. He left us 8 doves and a huge cage. They were noisy and messy and soon began to multiply. You never saw anything as ugly as a new born dove. Only a mother could love…

We ended up giving the doves to Park Safari. Bernard and Ken were magicians there at the time.And while on the subject of Ken and Bernard, they had a cougar that claimed Phil as his territory, marking him from his cage. We all had a great laugh, except for Phil of course. My daughter Julie and her friend were with us and we all had lunch in their trailer. The whole thing was an experience we won’t forget.

The doves were free to fly around in a big area in the gift shop so we felt good about that and I’m sure they did too. I’m sure they, not those particular ones, will make a come back, but it’s so much easier to walk around with a deck of cards. People just don’t have the time that it takes, after all, they have things to text and games to play, so who wants to clean dove cages.

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