Magic, The Next Generation

A customer and friend I should add, commented on my last blog about the various topics I have discussed in my posts throughout the years. I could not help but notice that he mentioned my grandson, which pointed out to me that I had never mentioned my grand daughter, who is six and will be seven on Christmas day. So the time was coming near to start thinking about a Birthday present. Last year she was into Lego and Lego Princess stuff, but what a difference a year makes.

This time she was emphatic that she wanted a Telepathic Power Magic Set and a Magic Coloring Book.  The Magic Set is really for 8 year olds and up, but she is mature for her age (says the grandmother) and it has tricks that involve math and it would be good for her. The Coloring book was a second choice. She really wanted the Vanishing or Shrinking Cigarette trick as the extra little thing but I told her it wasn’t appropriate for her. She watches me demonstrate in the shop and she and her brother were blown away by it. I asked her the other day if she changed her mind about the Telepathic Power Set, and I got a firm no. Then yesterday she showed me a list of her extracurricular activities, which included Pottery, Yoga, and a Wizardry Class which is taught by a popular and well known magician here in Montreal and she is excited about it. She is in Grade one. Her brother who is in Grade 3 also takes the course, but he couldn’t get in the first year or two as it was filled up immediately. It does my heart good to hear that. Magic is alive and kicking with this younger generation. Should be interesting years ahead.


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2 responses to “Magic, The Next Generation

  1. jpoulter

    Evelyn, boys are interested in magic until they discover girls…about 13 years old I think. Some return to magic some years later. When teaching magic classes here in Victoria I found that girls were more mature and advanced in their understanding of the craft. Some made excellent instant stooges!
    Best wishes for Hanukkah and the New Year!


    • Thanks, Jack, for the comment. Sometimes they find out that magic attracts girls. That’s what made Phil decide to practice his piano. He went to a “social” and played a bit and all the girls gathered around. After taking lessons for 8 years his teacher said at the next lesson, “You practiced!”


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