Do You Want A Magical Christmas?

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but don’t wait for the last minute to do your shopping. It’s a jungle out there.

Besides shopping for others, are you prepared to entertain all the people you are going to see over the holidays? If you are looking for gifts for kids we have 2 Magic Kits in stock, the Most Unbelievable Show by Fantasma, which I would recommend for ages 6 and over if its their first kit. The other kit is Telepathic Power, which is recommended for 8 and over. Many adults have bought it for themselves and love it. It has a great DVD and 20 tricks. It’s well worth the price.

Another Kit we carry is by Joshua Jay. The Complete Magician. It includes his book with his DVD, a set of linking rings, a thumb tip, 2 trick decks and Pen thru Bill. That would be great for teenagers or adults.

And if you don’t want a kit or set, we would be happy to guide you through individual tricks age appropriate and within your budget.

And don’t forget to tell you family and friends that we have Gift Cards. I would save them from breaking their heads as to what to get you and don’t forget we’re having a Promotion on them now.

Just don’t wait until the last minute.

In addition to our normal hours will be open on Saturdays December 6, 13, and 20th from 11:am to 4:00pm. After that we’re on vacation.


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4 responses to “Do You Want A Magical Christmas?

  1. Jean-Marc Fecteau

    Your comments are always interesting.
    Keep up the good work.


  2. Thank you for your comment. It encourages me to continue!


  3. Always wonderful to read “Perfect Magic Then and Now” !!
    If all these posts were put together into a book just as they are right now, you would have a special book! How many magic DEALERS have written books? (And Phil is a performing professional magician to boot!) What a great perspective! Your posts speak to: 1) Being a Dealer 2) Friendships between dealers and performers/other dealers 3) What kinds of magic people (young and old) should buy 4) Entertaining stories about your interactions with customers 5) Priceless Wisdom from two people who have devoted much of their lives to our “art-form” 6) Wonderful stories about a pretty wonderful grandson! 😉 7) All written from a very positive/happy/uplifting point of view. …and on and on….

    I know you’re modest Evy, but your joy filled spirit is contagious! When I’m in the same room with you (AND PHIL!) my spirits are lifted (and I’m a pretty serious guy lol). When you enter a room, it “lights up!” (yes…REALLY!!)

    Your writing…is, in my humble opinion…priceless!



    (No Evy did NOT pay me to write this…though I might send her a very large bill !! 😉 (but I doubt it lol) ) (Notice my wonderfully balanced parentheses in my previous “sentence” ??) Once a software developer, always a software developer 😉


  4. And once again, thank you Paul, for your vote of confidence!

    I actually thought this blog was a little to commercial but I wrote it because it is a time when people are looking for ideas. We did have a flurry of customers after posting it and I did have to order a new batch of Mark Wilson books which I didn’t mention in the blog but were popular with everyone, once I showed it to them. And of course they bought accessories to go with it. They thought it ws more professional than a kit.

    Like your happy face!

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