A Magical Day In the Magic Shop

Cardtoon 2I wrote this blog last week, right after writing last week’s blog. Why? Just as I was finishing up a man and his son came in. The man used to come to Magie Montreal, the Annual magician’s convention we ran for 19 years, in his younger  days. The boy was about 11 and his school was having a talent show and he was into magic. He had been watching youtube and had also seen magicians perform on a cruise. He practiced all the time from what he learned on youtube. Now he wanted props and wanted to know what I would suggest. It was such a coincidence. He father thought everything I suggested was great but he wanted card tricks even though it would be a huge audience. He said there would be a big screen overhead.

He bought 3 card tricks  and a coin trick. I showed him how to do Cardtoon. His eyes nearly popped out when I did it for him. Although the trick itself is not difficult the instructions seem complicated to me. He thanked me so much and asked if I would show him how to do Mental Photo. At first I said no, as I think its good for them to figure it out themselves, and then I said, “You really want me to show you how to do it?” and he “Yes, because you’re so good at it.” So I laughed and said, “I guess I do okay for an old lady.”

And this is the part that made my day. He answered, “Oh no, you’re not old, you’re cool.”  I’ll be 74 next week. Coming from an 11 year old… that had a magical effect, indeed. I can live on that for awhile.

P.S. The person I wrote about last week came back and said that that he realized that young children find card tricks boring. I held back from saying, “I told you so!” They  do come around.

Mental Photo Deck


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11 responses to “A Magical Day In the Magic Shop

  1. jpoulter

    Great story today and also earlier. Have you thought about writing your memoirs in the craft?


  2. Okay LOL. Spill it! Exactly what day is your birthday? 🙂 Send me an email if you don’t want to make it public. Tell Phil I want his too!!!!! You two wonderful folks deserve to have your friends help you celebrate your birthdays 😊
    I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours 😉


  3. Michel Deslauriers

    You are cool!


  4. Ray...

    74???? I would have guessed 64.. I’ve learned over the years that birthdays are good for your health. The more of them you have, the longer you live. Happy Birthday, Evy!!


  5. Thanks Ray, for the good wishes and for a good laugh!


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