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Experience: The Great Teacher In Magic and Life

People of different ages come into the shop that want to do Birthday Parties. Some don’t have a lot to spend. They don’t want to “waste” it on teaching books or video’s. They want the fast track. So they ask for my advice and I gladly give it to them. I know what works and I’m happy to share. The problem is they saw a trick on youtube that they want and it usually trumps the party stuff. Some have done magic before and perhaps didn’t get the reaction the guy got on youtube, but if he only had that trick, he could get that reaction too. It’s hard for them to understand that its not the magic, its the magician.
I also find that the older the person, the more they are willing to listen to the advice they themselves asked for. It’s harder for a younger person, because they know everything. In a way, that’s a good thing, because without that sense of self-confidence no one would do anything. They learn by trial and error; what works and what doesn’t work. Do they know how to treat the kids, the different age levels, etc. They learn. What we may think is silly, kids find hilarious.
There are books and DVDs on the subject that are really helpful. My favorite is Five Minutes With a Pocket Handkerchief. I’ve sold many to magicians who have other books and DVD’s on children’s magic and they all say this is the best. Just to see how he gets a reaction from the kids is worth it. By the way, if you decide to buy it, get the Watch Winder at the same time. Quentin gives a bonus routine using a Watch Winder and everyone comes back for it, so I’ll save you a second trip.
Seriously Silly is also supposed to be excellent and its available in book form or DVD. There are many others. Trevor Lewis Uncut, David Ginn, BoBo. Of course you are not going to do everything they do or even exactly how they do it, but you get to see what’s out there and what you could probably handle.
Oh, and for clowns, we got in a huge foam wand that is supposed to fit in a Pringle’s can. I don’t see how, but then again I didn’t try.


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