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A Celebration: Magical and Spritual For Father Cyprian

Father Cyprian

Father Cyprian



Phil and I were invited to Father Cyprian’s  celebration of his 50th Anniversary of his ordination into the Priesthood.We were at his 25th as well. We don’t know where the 25 years went. The trip didn’t start off well. I got the first clue when only a few blocks from our shop Phil said he wanted to be going in the other direction, but couldn’t make a left turn. Then he saw a street and made his left turn, and in horror I watch 3 lanes of cars coming towards us. “We’re on a one way street!” I said as calmly as possible. So as the cars approached he made a fast U-turn and now we were leading the pack, and we could go in the other direction. We get down to the Decarie Expressway, but our GPS is telling us that the exit we have to take to get to the Champlain Bridge is closed. Should she reroute us. Yes. We found ourself in the Ville Marie Tunnel, which I hate (falling cement,etc) but made it safely through only to find ourselves in another tunnel going the other way. Oh, I forgot to mention that traffic was horrendous and mitendrinen (Yiddish for in the middle of all this) the computer in our car informed us that one of tires was low. So when we got out of the second tunnel Phil looked for a Gas Station, almost doing the wrong way street trick again, but once again I came to the rescue.  Ever try to find a garage in downtown Montreal? We ended up on the bridge without finding a gas station and went straight on. On the American side (our destination was Connecticut) we found a tire place (a story in itself) and fixed the problem. After that it was clear sailing.

We met, as arranged, Nina and George Schindler at a motel where we were both staying, and had lunch with them Sunday. In the afternoon we went to the  Church for the 3:00 o’clock Mass. It’s a large church and it was a gorgeous day and everyone was outside talking. It could have been a magic convention. Eric De Camps was the first person I saw that I knew. It was a joyous reunion. We haven’t seen each in 7 years.  Meir Yedid was there. Hadn’t seen him in ages either. Michael Douglass flew in from California for the occasion. There were others there from the magic community, Sister Carol Ann, Monseigneur Brennan as well as Craig Dickson, Robert Olsen, Steve Rodman and Paul Critelli.

At 3:00 we went inside for the mass. The sermon was excellent with the right blend of comedy and seriousness. Cyp spoke and I don’t know if there were any dry eyes in the place. He greeted us all as we left to go down for the reception. He was thrilled we came. He phoned a few days before just to make sure we we still coming. After the meal, Showtime, George Schindler was the M.C. He did a great job introducing the magic performers and the speakers. George also “taught” everyone the Color Changing Silk trick. Of course we more puzzled after the explanation. Sister Carol Ann did a great bit of a torn and restored effect ala “Fresh Fish” but with appropriate patter and writings. Eric DeCamps did a great Egg Bag  routine, and also cards Cards Up The Sleeve. Craig Dickson did a super bill trick whereby he rattled off the serial number of a randomly chosen bill. The only thing I’ll say about it is that it cost him $10.00 to do it! Paul Critelli did a superb fortune telling routine ala The Great Carnac routine with Eric DeCamps feeing him the envelopes. It has hilarious. Robert Olson did a great cut and restored ribbon that he uses in his Magic Of Richard Potter show. Steve Rodman did great stand up comedy set, he had us in stitches. The speakers were Monseigneur Brennan who spoke about some of experiences they had in their younger days. Chaplain Michael Douglass and his long association with Cyp.  Phil Matlin reminisced about his first meeting with Father Cyprian and  the time Father Cyprian was at our Passover Seder and other incidences. It was a wonderful experience and we all got to know each other, especially after when the magicians got together in one of the hotels and sat around and talked and joked for hours. Paul Critelli made some beautiful origami figures for me while sitting around talking. (He also supplied us with a huge bag filled with Caramel Candies. Insanely delicious)

Cyp said he never had a parish. He did a lot of travelling. He said he always considered the magic community his parish. He certainly strengthened the bonds of his parish last week-end. It was a phenomenal weekend, highly emotional at times, and then hilariously funny.

Many more happy, healthy Anniversaries Cyp! we promised each other to be present for the 75th anniversary.




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