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Are There Magicians Out There?

the_magician_by_verona7881-d6z51c2What I really enjoy being a magic dealer is the people I come in contact with all the time. It is such a cross section of humanity. When we first started out in the magic business I remember a fellow who was here from India, who sat crossed leg on our basement floor (before we had an actual shop, which gives me pause to reflect on the fact that now that is probably the way most magic dealers are doing business on line, from their basement). He took a coin and held his hands far apart and the coin vanished from one hand and went to the other. It was only one coin. He showed us what he was doing but when he did it as a performance, even though we knew we couldn’t catch him.

What makes everyone so interesting to me is that it is only part of their life. Most of magician’s have a day job. Magic is their passion…which brings me to the second night of the Lorne Trottier Symposium, ARE We ALONE?  organized by the Science and Society Department of McGill University which took place last night. Dr. Joe  Schwarcz, who is the director of the Department happens to be an accomplished magician and had a fascinating stage show “The Magic of Chemistry” a few years back.  Last night there were two excellent and fascinating speakers and one of them was Joe Nickell, Ph.D. He also happens to be a magician. When the Symposium was over, people from the audience went over to the speakers to autograph their programmes or to ask them questions, and to congratulate them on their informative and fascinating presentations. Joe Nickell could not contain himself. He was busy showing them magic tricks, vanishing and producing his famous wooden nickels and giving them away as souvenirs. The evening before, he and Phil were showing each other their favorite methods of the French drop. So in an auditorium full of chemists, physicists as well as lay people, magic was not left out! I wonder if there are magicians OUT THERE too!


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