Why Bother With A Magic Shop?

A lady came in to the shop today looking for a gift for her son. Her English was not good. I went to French. That didn’t help much. I don’t think she was French. But she started looking at the DVD’s. I asked if she knew what he wanted. She said something about patter. I said “Patter?” You’re looking for something on patter? How coincidental I thought to myself, as I had not long ago written a blog on patter.

“I don’t have a DVD on patter, but I may have a book.”

“Yes, that’s it. Patter.”

So I start looking in the book section and she said, “You know, you go like this and make magic,” as she waived her arm up on in the air, making magic gestures, “suddenly, something appears.”

Hmmm. Not a book. I showed her the Appearing Bouquet. She was flabbergasted. But something about waving a magic wand. And suddenly I understood. “Did you mean Potter, Harry Potter?” “Yes! That’s it.”

So I showed her the Wizard Wand and then D’Lite and it was exactly what she wanted.

That’s why you have to bother with a Magic Shop>

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