Smoke and Mirrors and Magic

How did they do that? Simple. It’s all smoke and mirrors. So they say. And some of it is. From the Mirror Glass to Mikame’s Mirror-A-Cle. You can have things appear, disappear, come out of boxes, disappear in boxes, and sometimes, yes, a mirror is involved.

Smoke is a little harder. The other day someone called and wanted smoke. They were looking at Mystic Smoke and Hell’s Smoke but it never would have done for what they wanted it. Vapr is a whole other story, but it’s quite a hike from Mystic Smoke to Vapr, which by the way is a wonderful and safe product if your budget permits. We came up with a solution. Remember Jay Scott Berry’s Micromist? He was here once for a lecture and he used it when producing silks. It looked like a miracle. It has its drawbacks, in that dry ice may not be that easy to find, but it you can, it should not be overlooked.

I hope it works well for my customer. I’m sure I’ll hear about it one way or the other. Remember there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Speaking of Halloween, don’t wait for the last minute to get your supplies.


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7 responses to “Smoke and Mirrors and Magic

  1. Hi Evy

    Trust all is well with you and Phil. Thanks for the blog posts; I read ’em all.

    Also speaking of Halloween, here are pics from our 2013 display out in Kirkland on the West Island. It’s an annual fundraiser for the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation, a charity that provides assistance to underprivileged kids in Quebec. We’ll see what 2014 brings.




  2. Dry ice is quite easy to make on your own.


  3. Get a co2 canister easy to find these days, you can get them where they sell soda streams, then it’s a trip to lowes to get a tube that fits over the nozzle. Then comes the tricky part, a mesh bag. Once you have the bag you attach the hose to the co2 canister the other end in the mash bag. Release the gas so it flows quickly into the bag, it will make noise and a mist will escape through the mesh, but when done there will be a snowball in the bag. Don’t touch it with your hands because that is dry ice and it will burn you.

    Alternately get an entire soda stream I’d get an older model because it already has a hose type thing attached to get the gas into the water. Rather than a bottle hold the mesh bag over the opening, (use gloves) push the button the gas releases and in the bag is the dry ice. Actually easier done then said. And you have great soda!


  4. Sounds a bit confusing, but that’s just me. Have you done it and why?


  5. Tried it for halloween one year. Smoke machine is easier and like I said, it’s easy but not so easy to describe.


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