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Choosing Your Magic to Match Your Audience


Color Changing KnifeFor roughly 37 years people of all ages have been coming to our shop, Perfect Magic, to buy magic. Some know exactly what they want, whether its good for them or not, and others have no idea of what they want.

That’s where I step in. There is a list of questions I ask. Who is your audience? Are you a beginner? What’s your budget for today?  and so on. Today I had someone come in that had been here before, wanting new stuff but didn’t know what. He was performing for family and fellow workers and they were a rough bunch. He loved the Svengali, but they would pull it out of his hands. Of course I told him he had to maintain control. But there are always wise guys who want to spoil it for you. He ended up taking about 6 or 7 things but his favorite was Color Changing Knife. He didn’t tell me it was his favourite. He didn’t have to. When I saw his eyes bulge out of his head when I did the demo for him, that was it. How many of you have Colour Changing Knife hidden away with your stuff. Sometimes you get tired of a trick and want something new but to those who haven’t seen it, it’s new. It’s not how you react, its how they react.

Years ago Phil and I went to the Sheraton Center in Montreal with George Schindler who had a gig in Montreal the previous night  and he had never met Magic Tom Auburn. Tom was doing  walk-around magic there every week for the Brunch crowd and we went to see him. I can still see him doing the Colour Changing Knife and he was so cool. As far as I’m concerned, its the perfect trick. Its done with an ordinary object that would be natural to have in your pocket. There are stunning presentations that can be done with it. My son Brian had a few great moves. I do it in its simplest form and get such a great reaction. If you want to elaborate on it, there are many choices as it a classic.

There’s Chameleon Knives DVD by Joe Mogar, Color Changing Knives DVD by World’s Greatest Magic (WGM), Color Changing Knife (the prop),  The Ultimate Color Changing Knife (Prop) by Lovins, Transformed Knives by Lovins, Color Changing Knife by Ronjo and if you like books there’s Ascanio’s World of Knives.



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