The Tide of New Magicians.

Summertime and of course for most kids there is no school. Many have been to day camp and I am getting a lot of traffic with these kids. They are serious, dedicated and anxious to learn and I am amazed how much they know at 8, 9 up to about 12 years old. Luc, watch out! Some are even younger and some older but most of them have got the bug with a passion. It seems magic courses are popular at camp. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the teacher or teachers.

The parents are thrilled that they have something to spend time with that does not involve the computer. Many have told me they look to the computer to learn some magic but now that they know there is a shop it has all changed. They are already planning their birthday and Christmas gifts.  OOps. Here comes another one. A girl, I’m happy to say.

It’s the next day and you didn’t get the post on Wednesday as scheduled.  I thought I’d have time to write it but with the young lady and her first time in a magic shop there was no time. She knew exactly what she wanted as some of the other kids from camp had already been here and I guess she had seen the tricks. But she was curious and asked many questions and she took notes of what she wanted for the future.

It thrills me to see these youngsters, and not only because I have a new crop of customers, but to see how confident and bright they are. It gives me hope for the future generation. I’m sure most of them will see it as a hobby and perhaps participate in talent shows in school but I have a hunch there is a future Luc Langevin or Juliana Chen in this new group who are now in the budding state and will eventually blossom.


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