Magic and Apps.

I confess, I’m not a techie, not even close. But somehow, that qualified me in part, to be a Grandmother  Judge at the International Startup Festival in Montreal last week at les Terrasses Bonsecours at the old Port .  This is my 4th year at it. Last Wednesday morning I got up at the ungodly hour of 5:00am as another grandmother and I were being interviewed on Daybreak at Radio Canada on the CBC to talk about why they have Grandmother Judges (6 this year) and why there is always such a line in front of our tent. I guess part of the reason is that the first year we chose  Guy Rosen of Onavo and he had an app that reduced the data on an iPhone thus reducing the consumers cost to a fraction of what it would normally be. Facebook bought his company a few months ago for more than  $150,000,000.00. We’re not the only Judges there of course, there are the investment capitalists with deep pockets, and other prizes as well.

Over the years various magicians have come into the shop and showed me tricks using their iPad or iPhone. There are apps out there that are amazing. We sell tricks that are iPhone oriented, like Apple 2 iPhone, iFoam, the Ultimate iPhone gimmick, iPhone for Fun, Phoney Magnet Version 2 -iPhone to name a few. There is one trick that is super great and involves an app, but check to see that the person you are doing it for does not have a weak heart, as it can be terrifying to those who are afraid of spiders…Magic Spider Pro Pack.  I confess again, I don’t even have an iPhone. I do have a cell phone though. I’m still having trouble learning to use the phone in the office! But I digress.

We heard so many pitches this year. (90 seconds is all they have to convince us) So many were amazing. We finally agreed on one, as it was not only amazing, but in our opinion, urgent. Dr. Ofer Avital of NeuroScan has an app for an iPhone whereby Autism can be detected in a baby 3 to 6 months old in a minute.  Not a cure of course, but if it is detected early enough, the child can be helped a great deal. He said it will be like a thermometer is to fever and like a sugar testing kit is to diabetics. He wants every doctor to have one in his office and every baby to be checked. It was all good. He had an excellent presentation and an excellent app. Good luck Dr. Avital.


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