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Magic Critique: Can YOU Handle The Truth?

So you worked out a routine. You thought it was great. You showed it to your Mom. Who else? Maw, watch this. Maybe your significant other. Of course you want to hear them say its fantastic. Is that what you want to hear? What if they see ways it could be improved or in performing you inadvertently reveal what you are doing.

A young boy, 8 years old, showed me  tricks he was going to do for his class. Simple tricks, that he handles easily. Problem: presentation. I was fighting with myself whether to correct him or not. Isn’t it enough he gets up in front of the class and does magic. Do I really expect him to be a performer at 8. But he did ask me. So I told him. Look at your audience when you talk to them, which he didn’t do. Don’t tell them in advance what you are going to do, which he did. It takes away the surprise. He explained to me that he had to talk as that was part of the presentation.(It’s in French, not his mother tongue.) So we changed the words around, so he could talk without giving it away. And one trick he wanted to do that I did not consider appropriate, and I told  him its more of a gag than a trick and he would easily be found out. He said he could ask them to dim the lights. I just didn’t think it was a good idea. It involved a nylon thread that was visible. I wanted him to succeed. He wanted to try his new trick. His first trick is an appearing wand, a Mylar wand, about 20″ long.  You open a closed fist as to throw something in the air  and a wand appears from nowhere and you catch it. That was fine. Zig-Zag Rope, Appearing  Flower..and a few others. Everything went well, I am told. Did he take my advice? I don’t know.

I wished I would have told him to take a shopping bag to put the wand in after the production but I didn’t think of it until it was too late. That is  something else to think about. What to do with the trick after its done, especially if the show is taking place in someone’s home where after the show everyone comes up to you when you are trying to put your stuff away. Pre Presentation, Presentation and Post Presentation. Three things you have to worry about or at least think about. Sounds like a good title for a book. But I digress. Now I come back to the original question. Criticism. Do you really want it?  Can you handle the truth?


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