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Comedy Magic at the Comedy Nest in Montreal

Romaine01Magicians had a real treat last Sunday evening, if they managed to get into the Comedy Nest. Although there were magicians who came to see the show, most of the audience was comprised of lay people.

David Acer was the M.C. and was his usual funny self.

Loran, from Quebec City, had a beautiful act, serious, artistic and a pleasure to watch.

Vincent Pimpare did a comedy hynotism act. It was an unexpected break from the usual hypno act and had the audience laughing, so it fit right into the Comedy club setting.

Richard Sanders did a great bill to lime with a lot of hilarious detours along the way. He has a way of making the audience feel as if he is really one of us. He connects well.

Romaine. What can I say about Romaine.  Dressed in tails and a top hat, and slightly tipsy, (part of the routine, of course) he wowed the audience with his continuous production of cards, multiplying billiard balls, and the real magic of Vaudeville days, which mosts of the audience had never seen and they showed their appreciation.

Jonathan Burns did some very funny stuff. My favorite was Cards Across with cheese slices (you know the ones, wrapped in cellophane) instead of cards. Funny stuff.

And then there was the audience. It was great to see them, some I haven’t seen since they were kids. They started off at Perfect Magic. One of the performers told me I changed his life. When he came in as a little boy, I told him if he wanted to be a magician he should learn English as most of the books are in English and books are a great way to learn. He got busy and learned English and bought books and now he is performing on stage. He said its all my fault.

Wim Vermeys, Phil Matlin’s partner in Magie Montreal, was sitting with us with his son who is also a magician. Guy Camirand of the Academy of Magic was there and many more. I’m sure David will hav more magic nights at the Comedy Nest, based on the success of the first two.

Were you there? Share your thoughts.



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