Essentials in Starting Out In Magic

My 8 year old grandson had a school project. He had to choose a career he might be interested in when he grew up and had to draw and list 6 things that were essential to becoming a success in that field. And he had to do it in French. He chose a career as a magician. But then again, he’s only 8. He had to discuss it in front of the class as he was bringing a wand, a top hat and a magic trick to perform.

Anyhow, I thought it  would  be a great challenge for magicians and asked them on Facebook what they thought the six most important things to have if you were to be successful in magic.

The following were the answers I got from a few brave magicians…commitment, confidence, self-awareness, friendliness, creativity, talent, imagination, ambition,  patience, good communicator, coffee, cards, coins, sponge balls, wand, cups and balls, ropes.

I did not tell him I did this nor did I help him, as it was his assignment, not mine. He thought a top hat and wand was essential. Also cards, (regular) and a trick deck and practice. He had recently seen an Invisible Deck and it blew him away. I admit I tried to talk him out of one of the decks, as there was so much else to choose from, like coins, I said. No he wanted the 2 decks. He might have put coins if he had space but he could only put in 6 things and he thought a volunteer and an audience were more important. And so he drew a picture of a magician standing in front of a  huge audience and the next picture was the same except he had a volunteer beside him and a picture of each of the 2 decks, a picture of him practicing,  and a top hat and a wand. 8 years old!





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2 responses to “Essentials in Starting Out In Magic

  1. Jean B

    i know a brave magician, he’s also wise and stunning


  2. I wonder who that would be!


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