Houdini and Dorothy Dietrich

In 2011 I wrote about Women In Magic. In 2012 I wrote More About Women in Magic and October 2013 I wrote Where are the Women in Magic?

Last week I got a comment on one of those posts telling me I should look up Dorothy Dietrich. The name sounded familiar and I did look it up and found her web site which was impressive. She was familiar so I said to Phil,

“Did we ever meet Dorothy Dietrich?”

And he said “Did we ever meet her? We went out to dinner with her and Dick!”

“We did? I don’t remember.”

” Oh, yes you do. They had their 2 little dogs  with them which they kept in a carrying case that looked like a purse. I think there were  in 2 separate cases, which they brought into the restaurant with them.”

And the whole scene flashed in front of me. Dorothy and Dick were in Montreal many years ago. The CBC was filming them for something or other and they called us to see if we wanted to go out to dinner. So we went to a lovely restaurant on the South Shore.We didn’t know what was in the cases. We were sitting around the table just talking and she mentioned her dogs and I asked if they were at the hotel and she said no, they were here. Where? Here in these cases. We never go anywhere without our dogs.  I was in a state of shock that someone would bring dogs into a restaurant.  But that is not all I remember.

Phil and ordered steak and shrimp. I ordered a steak with green pepper. It was absolutely delicious. I still remember how much I enjoyed it until I looked at Phil’s plate and saw a dead cockroach lying on it.  I stopped eating cold in my tracks.  Phil finished eating and looked at my plate.

Are you finishing that?


“Can I have it?”


“Why not?”

I did not want to spoil it for Dorothy and Dick so I said as softy as possible that there are cockroaches in the food.


And I motioned to his plate.

“That’s not a cockroach. That’s the shell of a shrimp!”

And so I ate my pepper steak and we had a great laugh.

Then I wondered what they were doing at the CBC, (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) so I googled Dorothy Dietrich and the CBC and I came across a most interesting interview audio which I don’t think had anything to do with why they were here but it’s something worth listening to, especially if you are interested in Houdini.


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2 responses to “Houdini and Dorothy Dietrich

  1. bubbyzayda

    I read the article….pretty impressive!


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