Did You Ever Think Of Becoming A Street Magician?

I had a taste of being a Street Magician  a few minutes ago and I saw its appeal. Of course I didn’t actually do magic on the street. But somehow it felt like it. Four grown-ups came into the shop. They had seen Luc Langevin and other magicians and wanted to get some magic tricks. In the promos for some of the tricks you see advertised there is usually a bunch of people yelling and screaming in disbelief. Sometimes you get the feeling that they are just actors. Well, here I was in my shop, doing my tricks, so to speak and I was wondering why it wasn’t being taped. Of course the proof is in the pudding. I showed one Svengali Deck and sold 3 to 4 people. I adore beginners. Everything is a miracle. They each bought a couple of things, and will be back. It was  fun. I’m used to getting reactions but this was special.

I always thought you could tell a lot about a person the way they react to magic. The more they enjoy it, the better natured they are. Some people try to figure out how you did it. Others get angry or frustrated and want you to do it again. Some people think they are too smart to be fooled by a trick. and some people just enjoy it. Those are the fun people. They were here today and it made my day!


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