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Timing Is Everything, Especially in Magic!

Seemingly unrelated to the title, my grandson, who is 8 and in grade two, had a project to do at home. He had to make a video of himself doing something. He decided he would make cookies, which were delicious by the way, and the video would be of himself making cookies and he would bring the finished product, the video and the cookies, to class. The other day my daughter told me when she came downstairs for breakfast, he was at the table doing a voice over for his video.

I should also mention that, being my grandson, he has been performing magic since he was two.

So now you have those facts.

This morning I got to work, turned on my tempermental computer, actually its my monitor that is giving me problems, but I digress. I went to Canada’s Blog Spot to see what’s new in the world of magic  in Canada and at the right side of the page there was a tweet from Chris Kenner and it said that he is looking to hire someone that can shoot and edit video, use photoshop and has a magic background. We could email him if we were interested at Jobs@davidcopperfield.com.  My thoughts went straight to my grandson,  who can, at his tender age, shoot and edit video and has a magic background.  But alas, there was a tweet following that saying that the person must be able to relocate to Vegas. I don’t think his mother would let him go, let alone his grandmother. Too  bad Chris! You’ll just have to wait a few years! But if YOU fit the bill, get in touch with Chris. You never know!



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