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The Power of Magic

A man came into the shop the other day looking for magic for his 8 year old son. My own grandson is 8, but he is very bright (says the grandmother). I asked this man if his child is a bright kid. He said yes, but he has ADD. (Attention Deficit Disorder). He said he got a magic kit and he is interested in it and he wants to encourage him. He then said his teacher wanted him to do a  trick for a show and he said if he could get an assistant he would do it. He said the kid is quiet, not aggressive, kind a lay back. He asked a girl in his class if she would be his assistant. She was shy and said no.

When the kids in the class asked him if he was going to do the magic tricks he said no. They asked him why not. He told them he didn’t have an assistant and he needed one. Five guys volunteered to be his assistant. He chose one, who happened to be a maybe not exactly a bully, but the father described him as manipulative and bossy.

So on the weekend his son invited the kid over to rehearse for the show and the two of them spent 5 hours together practicing and made plans to get together again the next day. The father said he could not believe his ears and called his wife over to listen to their quiet little son, directing  this tough guy on how to do things, how the hold the box so the audience wouldn’t see the secret, giving him strict orders never to reveal the secret, and the tough guy was listening to everything he was told and was following their son’s instructions. “NO, NO, NO, not like that…like this.”

I can imagine how those parents must have felt. But as you all know, there’s POWER in MAGIC!

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