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So What’s With Magic Downloads

dvjohnnythomset-full copyWe’ve been advertising Magic Downloads since January. It is exciting and you who are savvy are taking advantage of it. I, who am not computer savvy, would shy away from it but I would be making a mistake. Many people stepped in gingerly testing the waters so to speak, ordering 1 DVD download to see what its about, and now are ordering a few every week.

A download is the same as the DVD except that you get it though the internet. No shipping charges. The prices are the same as in the U.S.A. and they don’t take up space on your shelves. Sometimes the downloads have more than the DVD’s. There is a wide selection and the prices are less than the hard copies. Sometimes much less. And there are download promotions. Last week there was an offer for a live lecture by Michael Ammar, no less, for $1.00, regularly the download is $24.95. How could you go wrong? Quite a few people took advantage of it. This week there’s a promo for Johnny Thompson’s Commercial set of 4 DVD’s for $39.95  . That sale ends February 28. 2014, but keep on the look out for new ones. You can check for promos on the Browse Categories on the left side of our home page or go to the blue Navigation Bar at the top of the page and click on Downloads and you can choose either a complete list or a list with photos.

And not only DVD’s. There are downloads of books as well.

Any questions and we will be happy to answer.

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