Kudos to David Acer and His Comedy Magic Show

As I wrote on the Perfect Magic Facebook, too bad for you if you didn’t go to the Comedy Nest in Montreal last Sunday night. For us, Phil and I, it was like old home week and brought back warm and pleasant memories of Magie Montréal. We had tried to phone Mephisto, aka Wym Vermeys, who was our partner in that venture but couldn’t reach him. He called the day after the show and said he was in Florida. He was heartbroken that he missed it.

evy1David was terrific as the MC. He did many funny bits, which I know all who were there will use, magicians or not! He didn’t do any magic but some good comic mind reading stuff.

Michel Huot, who most Montrealers in the magic world know, and magicians thoughout the world know for his marketed tricks Dirty Pool, Wind of Change, etc and for his published articles in Genii, Magic, Norther Peeks, etc, was terrific as usual, and finished with a great card sword routine.

Raphael DiCaprio, who you must have seen if you’ve been to Montreal or Quebec City in the summer time as he is a top notch street performer. We’ve seen him many times and he sure knows how to attract a crowd. This is the first time we saw him on stage and he did not disappoint. He ended with a vanishing bottle of beer in a paper bag, which I have seen many times, but not like this. I’m sure he fooled all the magicians in the audience as well.

Alain Choquette was his usual charming self. Fun and magic! He did a trick with all the members of the audience. We all had cards at the table and followed his instructions and came out with the most unbelievable ending. I have to know how that was done, since everyone was using different numbers, etc and we all ended with different cards but it was the card we had started out with. I won’t rest until I know the method. Funny part is we saw Alain in Atlantic City years ago and he did that very trick in a night club of one of the casinos, and later he told Phil how he did it, but Phil forgot. Alain, we have to talk! Alain brought a friend of his to the show, Russ Anber, a  well known boxer in Montreal, who also does magic. He killed with a Chop Cup Routine. Bring him around more often Alain.

Then John Carney delighted the audience with his tactics and magic. He had everyone going crazy with his short counting of dollar bills. I assure you everyone’s eyes were glued to his every move, but his magic was impeccable. It remains a mystery.

It was all in all a great evening, and the after show was great chatting with all the people we have known for years, performers and audience alike. I’m sure David will have more of these shows, since the place was jam packed and everyone enjoyed it so much. Be sure to be there next time!


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2 responses to “Kudos to David Acer and His Comedy Magic Show

  1. Da Tesher

    Too bad we didn’t know!!!!! We were in Dorval in the afternoon….



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