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Magic Videos on Youtube and Reality

Did you ever see something on Youtube that you couldn’t live without? Did you buy it and were you disappointed? It happens. You are not alone. Most of the time people order things they see and either its too hard for them or you have to make things and they don’t want to bother and they are disappointed.

But sometimes, its even better than imagined or seen to be. As I said in a previous post, when I first saw The (W)Hole Deck, I could not believe it and I’ve seen a lot of magic. When I saw it in person, my jaw, as well as everyone else’s jaw that was watching, dropped as well. That first move was unforgettable magic. I actually took the time to learn how do do it to see if an ordinary person could do it and I did. Phil went nuts over the Clarity Box. Now we both like Vapr. It ain’t cheap but that’s okay too, as not every Tom Dick and Harry will spring for it. But it is as good as it looks and will leave everyone wondering!

Heinstien’s Dream, although neither Phil nor I tried it, got great feedback from our customers who brought, just so you know.

If you’ve seen anything that looks too good to be true, you can always ask us. If we know we’ll tell you. We want happy customers!

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