Picking the Correct Suit in Magic

So I was sent a sample trick, a rip off of Nick Trost’s “The Deuce You Say” which came out long before most of you were born.  It was a great trick and we sold dozens of them. For those of you who weren’t in magic back then, let me explain what happens.

You show a person a packet of 4 cards and tell them that they are the 4 twos. They see the back of the top card only.  You put the cards in a small envelope and you tell the person to name a suit, any suit. Let’s say he chooses the diamonds. You take out the cards and spread them and lo and behold, only the two of diamonds is face up.

The sample I was sent contained Queens instead of twos. The quality of the cards was not so hot. the trick itself is still great. I showed it to my 8 year old grandson one evening, and he appreciates magic and was impressed. So I taught him the trick and  although he is plays cards and all, I wondered if he know the term suit. He said no. I explained that diamonds are one suit, clubs are another suit, spades…”I got it.” he said and he practiced for a while and then went into the computer room, where Phil was working at something or other. ” Grandpa, would you like to see a magic trick?” he asked.

“Of course”, said Phil

So I listened from the other room as he went though the whole thing and put the cards in the envelope and said to Phil.”Pick a coat, any coat!”

I just had to share that.


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2 responses to “Picking the Correct Suit in Magic

  1. funny that you’re talking about this trick cause i juste found it in an old box that was stored away…..and played with my ¨ The Deuce You say ¨, must have bought it in mid 80’s….still a great pocket trick, that i will surely carry with me from now on…..


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