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Magic Sets (Kits) – To Buy or Not To Buy

Telepathic PowerFor most of Perfect Magic’s existence we stayed away from Magic Kits. We found for the most part that they were overpriced, the props were inferior to the props we carried in the shop and the claims made on the box were a little misleading. Over 100 tricks, over 200 tricks, over 300 tricks. Easy to do! Wow!

When you opened the box you did not find 300 or 200 or even 100 tricks. You found maybe 15 tricks and a book or a DVD, with different ways of performing those particular tricks or maybe they would include tricks using everyday objects which were not included. Rip off? Not entirely. Many  great magicians started out by getting a Magic Kit as a birthday gift or as a Christmas present. Many cities, believe it or not, do not have magic shops so the only option was to get a set in a toy store or department store.

While its true that nowadays we have the internet, if you wanted to buy magic for a kid, how would you know what to get? At least you can be pretty sure that most of the effects in a kit are geared to beginners.

I sometimes get calls from people who do not want sets but want to get magic for their kids and ask what I would recommend. I always ask the age of course and how much they want to  spend. I’ll make a list of the possibilities for them and let them choose. Some have been calling back for years, adding to the collection, so I guess that system works.

Sometimes people come into the shop and ask for a kit. Even if I try to discourage them, they don’t care. Its for a gift and it looks nicer in a colourful box. So I started carrying Magic Kits. Some were actually good, but I was never excited about them, no matter how beautiful the box. I will use the famous magic advertising phrase “Until Now”.

We were introduced to a Magic Set called Telepathic Power. It is a mental magic set for 8 years and up. It does not say how many tricks there are.  It looked interesting and we took a chance on it. We went home and watched the DVD. That alone was worth the price of the kit. We loved it. The tricks themselves are made mostly of cardboard and plastic and some you have to assemble yourself although everything is there and its easy with full instructions. the ideas are brilliant. My grandson is getting one for his birthday present in February. Some of the effects involve math and numbers and he is a math wizard so he will appreciate it. I have no qualms about recommending it to an adult who is starting out in mentalism. There are 20 tricks that are taught and the DVD is in both English and French and the price is right!

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