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You CAN Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Evelyn Matlin

Evelyn Matlin

Yes you can. To say that I am not familiar with many of the options that are available on the internet would be an understatement. I learned two new tricks today, one of which, I had been trying to do for months.

It used to be that when I posted a blog the announcement would appear on Facebook with  the upper part of my face on it. I like that photo. Suddenly it disappeared and a photo of the shop came up instead, the photo on the top of this page, and reduced to Facebook size, it made no sense at all. Besides, the shop didn’t write the post. I did. I wanted my photo up there. I asked Phil for help, but he said he had no control over it. There was an arrow on the photo indicating I could have another photo if I wished, but I couldn’t. Then to make matters worse, instead of the shop photo, the WordPress Icon replaced that photo. Then to make matters even worse, last post there was no photo. There was a place for a photo but it was blank!

I told my daughter of the problem. She got the photo I wanted on the desktop. It still was not where I wanted it, but I managed to get it on my media photo file, which I never even knew existed, until she pointed it out. We’ll see if I succeed with my plan to get it on Facebook. That would be trick number one.

Trick number two.   When Phil puts up the banners on the homepage, (which I make, by the way) I usually look for related items or other items made by that person to put at the bottom of the page. It was quite a process.  While I was looking up John Bannon to go along with his new book, High Caliber, I thought why can’t I just go to the Manufactures on our Nav Bar (which Phil just completed) and Click on John Bannon and link his products to that page in one click, which I did and it worked. New trick 2. So if you go to the Banners on our Home page from now on, and click on the ones you are interested in, at the bottom of their  write-ups most will say, “For more books or effects by so and so, click here.”

It may not seem like much to you, but its a real breakthrough for me. Of course Phil had to say, “Had I not listed all the manufacturers and creators, you wouldn’t be able to do it.” But I don’t care. Try it.

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