A Magic Christmas Story by Evelyn Matlin

I don’t know how many of you know this, but when Santa got back to the North Pole last year, he got a argument from his traffic director, who told him his reindeer were much too slow, and it was not their fault. Santa was steering them into to wind, and the wind was slowing them down. He almost missed some of children’s houses on account of it.

Santa said he couldn’t tell which way the wind was blowing. His director told him to tie 2 ribbons or handkerchiefs to the back of his sled, near the top and when he finished delivering gifts to one house he should look at the ribbons to see which way they were flying. That was how he could tell where the wind was coming from and he should go with the wind, not against it.

So Santa looked all over for ribbons. He had lots of ribbons, but they were for presents. He couldn’t use those. Finally he found two hankies, but they were tied together and no matter how he tried and how his helpers tried, they couldn’t take them apart. The knot was too tight.   But luckily, one of the elves said he found a open magic set just lying around. Maybe something in the set could help them.

Santa picked up a bag with a handle on it, and said, “This must be a Magic Bag, Ho! Ho! Ho! and put the hankies in the bag. He took them out but they were still tied together.

One of the elves suggested they all scream Abracadabra.  He put them back in the bag. Everyone screamed as loud as they could. Still tied together.

Another elf saw a magic wand in the box. It was black with gold tips. Santa tapped the bag. Nothing happened. Santa said, ” Maybe we need a magic CHRISTMAS wand” and suddenly the wand he was holding turned from black to red.  He tapped the bag with the red wand. Still nothing. And another elf said, Maybe we should say the Magic word when you tap the bag. So Santa put the hankies back in the bag, tapped it with his red wand and everybody yelled at the top of their lungs, Abbracadabra, and he said, : I cannot take another disappointment. Will one of you reach in the bag and take out the hankies. I can’t even bear to watch. If they are tied together we’ll know the magic didn’t work, but if they are apart, scream “Hurrah “on the top of your lungs so I’ll know. He called an elf up to take out the hankies as he looked away. The elf took the hankies out of the bag one by one. Then Santa had to block his ears because of the loud screams.

So now Santa is using the hankies to help guide him through the route the fastest way possible. He should be at your at  your home on time.    

                                                 ***               ***

So if you are on a tight budget and you happen to have a Change Bag and a few silks and a Colour Changing Wand. you can put Christmas Magic in your show! (The mini Change Bag is $11.50)

On the other hand if you are not on a tight budget, click here!

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