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Remembering Magic Tom Auburn

It was at least 7 years ago, but probably more, that Réjean Pagé came into our shop to talk about a project he was working on and asked if we would help him. We had known  Réjean  a long time and  we said  we would be happy to help him. He wanted to make a website for Magic Tom Auburn who many of us remember. He couldn’t get the info from the TV stations that Tom worked for and so we called Tom’s son, Byron. Byron asked if we trusted Réjean and how long we had known him, etc, and we said he was a sincere guy who was serious about this endeavour. We arranged a meeting and Byron and his sister came up to the shop with a big box of photos and posters  etc, and presented it to Réjean. It was a touching meeting and left all of us in an emotional state. If you check the website you will see that Réjean did a good job.

The other day a gentleman, unknown to us, came into the shop. He, too, wanted to keep Tom Auburn’s name and memory alive. He’s a writer and he is passionate about history and about Magic Tom and he is writing an article (on real paper) which will appear in the Quebec Heritage News, which is an English language Quebec  Magazine. His name is Rohinton Ghandhi,  Ro, for short,(and actually related to Ghandi) and there is an article written by him in the Fall 2013 issue about  “Rediscovering Paradise: The Inimitable Rufus Rockhead” entitled the House That Rockhead Built. To jazz fans in Montreal, I don’t have to say anymore. It’s quite a read.

Ro has already collected a considerable amount of data and is interested in Tom’s early life or any other part for that matter, and would love to know if any of you have photos or stories about him or knew him back when… If you do you can write about them in the comments at the bottom of the page or you can email him directly at rghandhi@sympatico.ca. It would be much appreciated. Let’s all do our part in keeping the Magic of Tom alive.


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