You Know A Magic Prop is Great When…

It’s funny how things work out. We have a good and varied supply of magic tricks in the shop but there are tons of things I don’t have, not because I don’t think the effects are good, but, one, because we don’t have the space for everything and, two, most people nowadays, don’t give a hoot as to what we think is good, they want what they think is good, even though we may know better, having been in the business for over 35 years. I know I spoke of this before but people come in and demand to have what they saw on youtube or what Luc Langevin did or what they saw  on America Has Talent.  What do I know?

So a few weeks ago  someone placed a large order, a huge order, but he doesn’t want it all at once due to finances, but he definately wants everything he ordered. Could I order it all and he’ll take a few things at time, because he knows how difficult it is to get something once its sold out. The manufacturer may die, or not want to make it again, or if he does it may take a long time. Whatever, he wanted these things. This guy is not a new customer, so I do as he asked and he’s been taking the stuff as he said, but he still has some stuff here. These are not things I would ordinarily order, hoping someone would buy, as they are not cheap. One of the items is about $160.00. It’s called Santa’s Surprise. It’s a bunch of huge, beautiful cards and a surprise, dealing  with Santa and Christmas.

A long time customer comes in. He’s a pro and does not buy much as he is winding down. He may have wanted a thumb tip or rope, I forget, but it was no big deal.  He caught sight of the box, which was not on a self and asked about it. I asked him if he wanted to see it, although I told him it was already sold. He said yes. He looked at the cards, saw the quality, the story line,  and the possibilities, and asked if I could order him one.  This is not someone who buys on impulse. He knew it was well made and he could make a great routine with it.

If you have a lot of Christmas shows, it’s worth it, as it’s not over in a second, and it’s something the kids can relate to. There’s audience participation and lots of laughing and shouting.

If you are not doing Christmas shows there is another effect, made by the same company, Razamatazz, called Rabbit Rampage. Good for all year round, same quality. Check it out!

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