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Where Are The Women In Magic

A while back I wrote about the women in magic, who had their own act and but I only included those who attended Magie Montreal.  For some reason I became interested in that subject again. Why do so few women go into magic? There is so much talk about equality of the sexes. I’ve heard it said that there are now more women doctors than male doctors. The same goes for lawyers. Will the tables turn for magicians too?

October  7-13, 2013 was Women in Magic Week at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Last year was the first time the Magic Castle had a Woman’s Week in Magic.

If you are seriously interested in this topic and its history you might want to read a Thesis on the subject, Conjuring the Modern Woman: Women and their Representation in Magic’s Golden Age  by Angela Marie Sanchez. If you know anything about the history of magic you will be familiar with many of the names and it will provide great insight into the topic.

I’m sure some young lads will go dressed as magicians tomorrow evening, for Halloween, but will there be any young girls? Go out and buy your daughters a magic set for Christmas. Besides fun and new learning experiences it will give her self-confidence and who knows, one day she may star at the magic castle, besides being a doctor. The two are not mutually exclusive.


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