Making Magic More Magical

With the constant inundation of new magic tricks on the market, one is hard pressed to know what to choose. And I’m speaking as a magic dealer. I can only imagine what my customers must go through.

There are the classics, where one cannot go wrong. The Svengali Deck, Invisible Deck, Mental Photo Deck, Cardtoon Deck, Stripper Deck, Rising Card are some of the trick decks that I would endorse as fabulous ( depending on the magician, of course). Linking rings, Cups and Balls, Sponge Balls, Chinese Sticks…you can’t go wrong with those either.

But what about all these new things and gadgets that come out. How good are they? If you read the write ups – each effect is the best ever in the whole world!  I must confess we do not know every single item intimately on our site. There are literally thousands of effects available. We get the clue that something is excellent when a pro buys it and his best friends come in a few days later and order it, too. That happened with Ring Flight Revolution, and Nest of Wallets, Tool DVD, Tarantula, Get Sharky, etc. The word gets out. These are not cheap tricks, but they are good.

John Kennedy’s Mystery Box was a huge hit, whereby a little wooden box with a cover on it sat on the table in full view all the time. A spectator selected a card, signed it and put it in the deck. When asked to find their card in the deck, the spectator is unable to. The magician or spectator removes the cover of the box, and sees a folded card inside. It turns out to be the selected signed card. David Regal just upped the ante. He came out with an acrylic clear box with a folded card in it from the beginning, which turns out to be the signed and selected card. It’s another hit. Its called Clarity Box. Check it out! How much more magical can you get than that?!


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2 responses to “Making Magic More Magical

  1. Chris Pilsworth

    Hi Evy,

    I enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks for taking the time.

    Chris Pilsworth


  2. Hi Chris,
    I actually answered you yesterday but guess I didn’t put the Post Comment button. I get onto this someday. Anyhow, thanks for your comment. It’s what keeps me going!


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