Magic of Bottles and Bottles of Magic

It’s a good thing that once, a long time ago, someone invented the bottle. According to Yahoo, glass bottles date back to 1500 B.C. I bet there was some magician figuring out how he could develop a trick with it, way back then. The Bologna Bottle is an interesting bottle. It was not made for magic but a magician found a use for it and it is called The Devil’s Flask according to Wikipedia. But you really don’t have to go to Google or Wikipedia for tricks with bottles. Just go to the Perfect Magic site.  I was amazed when I decided to look into it. I found

  • Bottle Thru Body
  • Premium Vanishing and Appearing Bottle, which is self-expanatory
  • The Anything is Possible Bottle, whereby a deck of cards – still in its box and  wrapper – is found in an unaltered milk bottle I (if you remember milk  bottles) Now we have to get Shawn Farquhar to get Ellen Degeneris’ signed card in that sealed deck in that glass milk bottle. That would be a trick!
  • The Multiplying Bottles, which Phil always used as his closer
  • Romhany’s Comedy Multiplying Bottles ( although Phil’s routine was funny enough when he forgot to put a shot glass in its place, so to an audience of several hundred, he had to explain that it was an invisible glass)
  • Of course there is Coin in Bottle, and don’t forget the Cap in Bottle.
  • Tricky Bottles a classic comedy routine
  • Splash Bottle, whereby a bottle of wine appears miraculously
  • the One Dream Bottle,
  • the No Way Production Bottles,
  • The 20 oz Production
  • Norm Neilson’s Vanishing Bottles
  • The Model Bottle, which I am patiently waiting for as I write this,
  • Bottle through the Table,
  • Comedy Passe Passe Bottles
  • Glastion by Nefesch, a signed card through sealed bottle
  • Atlantis
  • Airborne with the Greatest of Ease or Floating Glass plus
  • Passing Thru DVD
  • Labelled DVD
  • Rattled DVD
  • New Silkola

…and the list goes on.

So after Phil read this to check it out,  I asked him if he had a favourite bottle effect, and he said, “Sure, I can make the contents of a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka vanish in no time.” He’s also a comedian.

Do any of you have a bottle effect that you particularly like or get a great reaction from? How about sharing?


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7 responses to “Magic of Bottles and Bottles of Magic

  1. I’m racking what’s left of brain, trying to remember the title of a effect of my long-deceased father.
    You’ll know what it’s called, I’m sure.
    It involved an opaque bottle and a short piece of rope. One end of the rope was inserted into the neck of the bottle. The bottle was turned upside down – the rope didn’t fall out. The other end of the rope was then taken, and the bottle was swung to and fro.
    Finally, the bottle was turned upside down once again, and the rope withdrawn.
    What was it called?


  2. It’s called the Chinese Prayer Vase. Still available only now it is plastic.


  3. And then there is the new Color Changing Bottle see Showbiz
    The Genii Bottle is a new version of the old rope in bottle


  4. Thanks, George, for keeping us on top of things!


  5. Hans Zahn

    Screech! Nuff said.


  6. Uh… I guess we know who’s from Newfoundland!


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