Magic and the Ambitious Card

Why is the Ambitious Card called the Ambitious Card? Because it always goes to the top. I never thought about it until I was doing the banner and  write-up for Ambitio. Is there a magician that does not have a routine for the Ambitious Card?  When I googled our site for it , 10 pages of lists came up of DVDs, Books, and routines all containing the Ambitious Card. There are gimmicks, non gimmicks, special endings etc, etc.

The creator of the trick was none other than Dai Vernon, and it was known as the Trick That Fooled Houdini and it was Dai Vernon who fooled him. Those were the days, but it was even before my time.  I suppose a university course could consist just on that one subject. Who gave it their own special twist? Magicians such as Frank Garcia, Daryl, Alan Ackerman, Michael Ammar, Joshua Jay, Paul Wilson, Harry Lorayne, Bill Malone, Ascanio, Darwin ortiz, Tommy Wonder, Michael  Vincent, Bob White, Shawn Farquar,  just to name a few. Houdini made Dai Vernon do the trick for him 10 times and he still couldn’t figure it out.

So if you are not doing an ambitious card routine, maybe its time you looked into it. Some are hard, some are easy, but all these guys can’t be wrong!

Here’s a sample of it with Michael Ammar.


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2 responses to “Magic and the Ambitious Card

  1. Hi Evy

    Just to mix it up a bit, I sometimes perform the Apathetic Card.

    After the signed card is inserted in the middle of the deck, it moves up maybe one or two spots, before effectively giving up in a state of lethargy and general indifference. I then have to dig down and find it, all the while reassuring the spectators that there was movement, if only modestly so, and that exerting undue pressure on the card is just going to reinforce the anti-social behaviour.

    Audience reactions have so far been really, really, really poor.

    But, as they say, there are no bad tricks, just bad magicians.

    I’ll work on my patter.



  2. Sounds like something you would do. LOL


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