Have They Withstood the Test Of Time?

The theme of our blog is Perfect Magic Then and Now. Sometimes I write about the happenings at Magie Montreal, our 2 day magic convention that we at Perfect Magic  and Wim & Maryse Vermeys ran for 19 years. I reminisce about the performers, the people, the incidents, etc and also different experiences  and the different magic we’ve had through the years.

Maybe its now time to go through the magic you bought then and look at it with fresh eyes and have fresh eyes look at it now.

Frank Garcia’s Wild Card is still a classic and has definately withstood the test of time. Not expensive, and not difficult, as tricks go. Now there are so many variations of it on DVD’s and Paul Romhany came out with one for children. We even have DOWNLOADS of Wildcard DVD’s. The latest DVD  to come into the shop is the Ultimate Wild Card by JP Vallarino, who performed at Magie Montreal many years ago. I don’t think he had a beard or moustache then.

By the way, if you are a subscriber to our Newsletter  you already know that  it just so happens that Ultimate Wild Card is on special until the 30th of September, at which point, another batch of specials will be posted. So If you are not a subscriber, you are missing out. Join up now so you’ll know what’s on sale.

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