Thumb Tips and Magic

With 10 billion ( okay, sleight (pun intended) exaggeration) new tricks coming out every day, one might forget about the 3 T’s, tried, tested and true. One would have to say that about the thumb tip.  There are  different shades, sizes and textures, but it really doesn’t matter. They all do the same thing and so much can be done with them. I’ve had magicians say they don’t like using it anymore because everyone knows about it. I, for sure, know about it and I watched Alexander De Cova  vanish a silk, and I said it was impossible, until I saw the explanation. I have a whole new respect for the thumb tip and De Cova.

Of course over the years it has been enhanced. There is D’lite with all its variations,  Thumb Tip Flame, Thumb Tip  writer, and the list goes on. If you write Thumb tip in the Perfect Magic Google Custom Search under our own search just below the navigattion bar ( left side), you get 10 pages on Thumb Tips. There are books, DVD’s accessories,etc. on the subject. You would think the whole world would know about it, but if you use it right, they’ll never catch you.

So get out that old thumb tip and check out some new ideas and you will always be ready with magic at your fingertips!


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4 responses to “Thumb Tips and Magic

  1. I thought a fellow magician had dropped his thumbtip, until I saw his finger-guillotine.


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