More Magician Stars that Shone at Magie Montreal.

Last week my blog was a tribute to performers, now deceased, at Magic Montreal, a two-day Magic Convention  that Phil Matlin of Perfect Magic and Vim Vermeys ran for 19 years. I mentioned that I didn’t find photos of all of them, but I managed to find a few more that graced our stage. Walter Cummings, Derek Dingle, Serge Verdi, Ivano and Le Grand Marcis. This past year Stuart Feldman died. I came across a photo of him doing close-up. I haven’t heard from George Therrien for a long time and hope he is in good health, but his photo is included as the other three magicians in the photo are no longer with us and its a great photo. Phil and Vim are in some photos too, and they are still alive and kicking.

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