Retire from Magic? Not Likely

My sister-in -law wants to know why we don’t retire, after all, we are both in our seventies. Besides the fact that we still like to eat, we enjoy getting up every morning (Phil not so much ) but once up we have where to go and what to do. While its true that we don’t love every aspect of the job, it has its rewards. We meet the nicest people ( most of the time). We saw a sign in one of the antique shops we visited in Pennsylvania that said “Every one who walks through these doors brings us joy. Some upon entering and some upon leaving.” We had a good laugh.

Which brings me to the other day when Bob Fitch walked into the shop. Phil was at home sick. He’s better now but was really sorry he missed Bob. I had never met him but when he told me his name it was a name I knew. I know many of you know who he is as  he lectured here in Montreal not that long ago. Everybody loved him and learned a lot. He is a multi talented person. On  his card it says “Coaching, Direction, Lectures and Performance  Workshop” But he does much more than that. He’s also an actor and dancer and performed last week at Festival de Claquette de Montreal.

Anyhow, we had a lovely time discussing various aspects of life, a time I wouldn’t have had, if I had retired.

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