There’s Magic In The Air

I don’t know if its just that I’m attuned to it, but magic seems to be everywhere lately. We were in Pennsylvania last week,  visiting my son and daughter-in -law, who live near State College. We drove down and enjoyed the beautiful countryside and visited different places along the way. There were Amish farms and we past many horse and carriages along the way. We spent a fair amount of time in Adamstown, antique capital of USA and was tempted to buy a glass top hat that was there, but resisted. (so many things and so little space). Phil managed to buy a bunch of sheet music from the 20’s that was right up his alley.

On the way home we turned on the radio and Dr. Joe Schwarz was on  CJAD. We came in near the end but he was talking  about a financial adviser and then somehow he was speaking about magic that he performed somewhere and how he alway loved magic.

Last night, after being somewhat settled after the trip I watched Murdock Mysteries. It was all about Houdini, when he was just starting out and gave Murdock tickets to his show in Toronto.  Houdini disappeared for 11 minutes during the show, the same 11 minutes that the bank next to the theatre was robbed. Of course he was a suspect but ended up helping to solve the case using magic principles to explain how  the robbery was accomplished.

Now I could use a little magic myself to help Phil get over his sore throat, cough and fever. He stayed home yesterday and today.  I gave him some home made chicken soup with matzo balls. That should do the trick (pun intended).

I thank all our customers who have been exceedingly patient with me as I wrestled with the computer to complete the transactions, as usually Phil does that part, but I’m getting on to it.  Have a great week-end.


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2 responses to “There’s Magic In The Air

  1. Oh no! I hope Phil feels better soon!
    Glad you had what sounds like a wonderful vacation!


  2. evelyn matlin

    Thanks. He seems to be on the mend. He says he’s coming in on Monday no matter what. We did have a great vacation.


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