A Treat At The Magic Shop

Last Friday was not our ordinary day at the magic shop.  It’s spring break. We had a visitor for the day, my grandson, who is now seven years old and has been doing magic since he is two. The last time he was here was about a year ago and by chance David Acer came into the shop and 5 minutes later Richard Sanders came in. Not planned. It was a riot and my grandson was doubled over in laughter with their antics. This time he came to the shop well armed with his magic case, under lock and key. We picked him up at his house and when he got to the shop he read the sign outside the door. Open 10-3 on Fridays.

“What time is it?”

“Ten past ten.”

“It says you open at ten. Where are the magicians?’

We had a good laugh and told him with the internet, sometimes we don’t see a magician all day. So he got busy checking everything out hoping a magician would come in. Finally one did. Someone we know well. Jonathan Levey.

I thought he would be excited to see a magician so that he would see some tricks, but no, true to form, he wanted to do tricks for the magician. He actually did a coin trick  with a penny (Miracle Coin Block)  for Jonathan that fooled him and  in the reciprocal manner of a magician,  Jonathan took the penny to show him a vanish. He vanished the coin from one of his own hands  and made it appear in the other. The most magical thing of all  happened when Jonathan opened his hand, expecting to see the coin he had transfered there. Instead, there were two coins in his hand, a dime and a penny and his jaw was hanging open, as he had no idea how the dime got there. We all had a good laugh.

Last year, when my grandson was here, there happened to be a huge box in the shop, so I cut out a door and windows and he played happily in and out of it. When he left I got rid of the box, but another came in a few weeks ago, and I saved it for him. Being busy with other things, I left him to his own devices. Then he called me and told me to watch. At age 7 he devised a manner of visibly getting into the box, and invisibly escaping from it. I had watched Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde from Paris and, to my amazement, the escape the magician used on the show was very close to the one my grandson came up with.

My grandson had a treat spending the day in the shop. We had a treat, because he was there and Jonathan had a treat because he managed to fool himself.


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2 responses to “A Treat At The Magic Shop

  1. It’s always a treat to see you and Phil in “the Shop”, Evy. But meeting your talented and surprisingly comic (especially for his age), grandson, “Jacob the Magnificent” was an unexpected and extra-special treat. 🙂 I was genuinely impressed with his focused-drive to perform a few of his favorite tricks for me —-removed gingerly, one by one, under his very own spirited laughter and knowing grin. He wanted to know if we were ready to be fooled …And, of course, we were (ready –and fooled!). With a shake and a rattle, he transformed one large black die shown (alone) inside a transparent box into what “seems” like a dozen or more tiny minitature dice! …and follwed this flourish up with a few other rapid and equally amazing effects. :0. Then, as you so well described (Evy), it was “my turn”… I swept a lone penny off your glass countertop and placed it into my waiting hand. Fingers closed around the single copper coin, we all waved our hands to help the magic happen… And did magic ever happen! To my our surprise the coin did not vanish as i intented, but morphed mysteriously into TWO coins! …a penny and a dime! …Next time Evy please warn me when you set pennies with “shells” on your countertops! Guess I should have known better… There’s ALWAYS a few treats and a few delightful surprises when one stes foot into Phil and Evy’s Shop! But he best surprise of all was meeting your enthused grandson, Jacob the Magnificent! …Now THAT was a REAL Treat! 🙂


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