Richard Turner, Card Shark Has Run In With Sailfish

I met Richard Turner  2 years ago in Hamilton at the CAM (Canadian Association of Magicians) Convention. While on the subject of the CAM, don’t miss the CAM-JAM April 28th at Niagra Falls, and if you are closer to B.C. one will be held there June 23. If you’re a member of CAM its free, so join up now if you are not.  But I digress, back to Richard Turner. He is master of a deck of cards. Wicked. He dazzled the spectators, me included, and we watched in awe. What makes it more incredible is that he is blind. Dai Vernon said of him “Having seen countless numbers of card experts execute for over eighty years, I consider Richard Turner to be by far the most skillful…I doubt if anyone can equal him” Ed Marlo said, “Technicians, as a rule, are not usually good actors or entertainers, Richard Turner is all three!”
Why do I tell you this now? Over the week-end he sent us an email of one of his experiences that I thought I would share it with you, after I got his permission.
 Here’s the story as relayed to us by Richard.
“We were in Costa Rica this last December and my son Asa Spades, my brother Mike and I caught 1 four foot Mahi Mahi, 1 nine foot Marlin, and 5 7.5 foot sailfish.
I wanted to check out my sailfish and the Captain moved my hand across the sail, then over the eye, then down towards the mouth where I accidently put my right thumb into the sailfish’s mouth and it clamped down hard.
I had a show the next day and my wife Kim said my thumb looked so gross that the weak of heart would pass out so I had to cover both sides of the thumb where the sailfish bit down and left many rows of teeth bites.”
All has ended well (maybe not for the fish) and Richard back on tour. Watch the action

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