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Does Doing Magic Make You Nervous?

You love magic and you practice and you do fantastic magic….when you’re alone. In front of people, its another story. It’s hard doing magic for people. You get nervous.

I think you have to be nervous. You have to have that rush of adrenaline.  I may have mentioned this before but once I had to give a speech in Toronto. I was the after diner speaker. I got there in the afternoon and took a nap. When I woke up I was still tired. I didn’t feel I had the energy to give the speech. But I dragged myself around and when I got to the dining room and saw all the people I got nervous. My heart started racing and suddenly I was awake. I was happy to be in that state of nervousness or I never would have made it.  No one would have noticed or heard my heart beating and once I got into it I calmed down.

I talk about this because Elaine, the lovely lady and grandmother I spoke of 2 posts ago, called today. She practices everyday and feels she knows how to do the tricks well, yet her friends, although they thought she performed well said she seemed nervous.

Does anyone have advice for Elaine. Any tips that might help her? Have any of you been though this and what did you do about it?

Please step up to the comment box and see if we can help.


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