So I was speaking to a manufacturer of magic supplies today, someone I’ve known for a long time. Somehow we got on the topic of  Cirque du Soleil and Guy Laliberté.  This manfacturer was amazed how someone with such humble beginnings became so famous and built such an empire. It is indeed a wonderful achievement and we Quebecers are proud of him, to say the least.

But this fellow went on and on  about how Guy was just an ordinary person and used to be a street performer and walked around on stilts, etc ., etc., and he just couldn’t get over it, that he had gone into space and has shows all over the world.

After I got off the phone with him, I had to smile. He was so amazed. He couldn’t believe it. And yet, this supplier’s own father, a bagel baker from Brooklyn, also from humble beginnings, became famous as “one of the world’s most famous close-up magicians of all time”, and his products are known everywhere as the best. He built a sponge ball empire and every magician worth his salt knows about Steve’s father, Albert Goshman.Yes I’m talking about The Albert Goshman. He died many years ago, and his son Steve is running the business and it was Steve I spoke to. I think I’ll give him another call, to make sure he knows how famous his father was. Sometimes we don’t see what’s right in front of our eyes.


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  1. Remindes me of the kid who came into the shop in BC. He wasn’t a magician but he saw the sign in front of the store and decided to come in. He was not interested in magic but he had an Uncle who did a little magic. I asked what his uncles name is. The kid looks at me and laughed telling me I’ve probably never heard of him. He told me his uncle assures him he is famous but he just always laughs him off. So I asked again. The kid looks at me and says again how is uncle is not anyone I’ve heard of. “Try me” I said. The kid blushes and says ” really I feel stupid telling you because he is just my uncle who thinks he is bigger than he is”. “Just tell me his name”. I replied. Finally he tells me his Uncle is John Thompson. I almost choked on my lunch. I said, ‘ Your Uncle is The Great Tomsoni? “. He responds, ” you mean you heard of him?” I gave the kid a quick education and I know he had a new found respect for his uncle that day.


  2. Reminds me that someone came into the shop today who used to do magic in the one of the big malls in Toronto a long time ago. At one point he did the Rice Bowls and this old lady comes over to him and said, “My son used to do that in the house and did he make a mess.” So my customer said to her,”What’s his name?” and she said, “Oh, you wouldn,t know him, his name is Doug.” ” Doug who?” “Doug Henning!”.


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