Sexism, Agism and Magic

If I asked you to think of the word magician, and then describe one, I may get a lot of different answers, but it would probably would not be a woman, and if it were it wouldn’t be one with 5 or 6 decades under her belt. I don’t know why Joan Caesar, who did so much for magic in Canada, just popped into my head. And Frances Ireland, and Professor June Horowitz….

There is a lovely lady who is a regular customer of ours. She happens to be a grandmother and buys  tricks, not to give to her grandchildren, but to perform for them. She has been coming here for a long time and has a lot of tricks under her belt. She’s full of life and enthusiasm. She loves magic and has all kinds of stuff. Dean’s Beads is one of her favorites. She also reads my blog regularly and read the one in which I spoke about  the Svengali. She came in and wanted to see the Svengali Deck. When she said that I realized that I was guilty of the title of this post. I had never shown her a card trick. It’s usually the first trick I show someone. Why didn’t I show her that one?

Had she been a teen age girl  or a guy, even an older guy, wanting to get into magic, for sure I would have shown her that by now. Had she been a man, I would have shown her that. What is wrong with me? My own mother was in her early 80’s and went to Florida every winter, and she insisted on learning the Svengali and the Mental Photo so she could show it to the our young relatives  there. Whatever happened to me between then and now. Age, I guess. Ingrained attitudes are coming to the surface.

Anyhow, when I showed the Svengali to this lady she thought it was marvellous, which it is, and then wanted to know about Mental Photo as well. She loved that too. She took Daryl’s DVDs on Essential Magic on both the Svengali and the Mental Photo as was as excited as any kid I know. A whole new world opened up to her. Guys! Watch out! We “mature” women are taking over!


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6 responses to “Sexism, Agism and Magic

  1. Denise A Tesher

    I would say….anyone who can use everyday article and gets a smile in a child’s eyes….no matter the gender!!!!



  2. Elaine Malus

    Thank-you so much for those kind words…Its thanks to you that my ageless excitement for magic has taken wings..I thank you so much for for helping me explore your world and sharing it with me..and my grandchildren thank you as well…your kindness and patience are a indication of your own youthfulness and belief that even an old lady can still learn magic..Elaine Malus


  3. How wonderful that Elaine has such an interest in magic and that you, Evelyn, are so supportive and encouraging! Keep up the great work, ladies!


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