Magicians, Let’s Talk About Tenyo!

Tenyo is the manufacturer of a line of magic tricks. We carried them on a regular basis for many years when we started out. They produced a good product and still do as far as I know. Not cheap, but good! We stopped carrying the line when the rip offs started showing up in the dollar stores. It wasn’t that we thought magician’s would buy the rip offs, but the public had access to it and the magicians felt that anyone could easily find out how to do it.

The one I continued to carry though out the years is Silk to Egg. In my opinion it is the most realistic egg I have seen and the trick stops there for Tenyo. Not for real magicians though. Real magicians show how its a fake egg with a hole in it, and the egg is concealed in the hand, and the magician just stuffs the silk in the hole and shows the egg, but not the back side of it with the hole. Real magicians then crack the egg open to show it is real. It’s a classic and much to Tenyo’s credit, they stop where they do.

Another favorite of mine was the Crystal Cleaver. We sold tons of them. It was a real mind blower. We don’t carry it, but we can get it. But not now as our supplier is out of it as I write. It wasn’t long after that the rip offs started. We haven’t carried them since. Some customers collected them and we would order specially for them, but didn’t carry them in the shop, until a few weeks ago. People started asking for Card Surgery. We bought some as suddenly there was a demand for Tenyo items again. We got in   The Third Eye,     Psychic Money and the Flying Carpet.  Not something I would normally do, but people wanted them. I watched the video of Card Surgery and thought it was great, but I wouldn’t open one to look at it, as I didn’t want to be disappointed, and I have trouble selling stuff if its less than I expect. For a while my supplier ran out of them, as it was such a hit. When we finally got them back in stock I bit the bullet and opened one up. It is so clever. I have not opened the others and I don’t know if I will, but this one gets my stamp of approval.

The other 2 Tenyo items we carry, while on the subject are Fortune Sticks, and Moonspinner, which was a favorite of one of my sons.


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5 responses to “Magicians, Let’s Talk About Tenyo!

  1. I also bought Card Surgery, witch is a great illusion done close up ! Very deceptive and very well made !


  2. So we agree. I love it when a performing magician agrees with me.


  3. Not sure if you are talking about this son, but if moon spinner is the paddle effect then yes I loved that one. You wave the paddle in a slow circle and that coin just freaking appeared. Brilliant in effect and simplicity ( if that’s the one I’m thinking about).

    Not Tenyo but I also really liked Jay Scott Berry’s paddle trick I was very upset when I realized I lost mine and I don’t think they are made anymore.


    • Yes, you’re the son I’m talking about. I don’t like to mention names as I have such sensitive children, but I do remember you loved it. Do you still have it? Which is the one by Jay Scott Berry that you liked?


      • It was a paddle, one side was gold, the other had a variety of colors and it was incased in a plastic see through tube. You (mom) did the demo by saying that your father heard the roads in America were paved with gold, but the reality is that they are paved in many colors, but if you work hard…

        And no I don’t have the coin one either.


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