Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Mike Robinson

Here we are in Kitchener. We have spent many a Christmas in Kitchener since our friends Romaine and Joan and brother Denis moved there about 12 years ago. We always have a great time and Phil has a bunch of gigs, but this year Romaine and Phil did something special and we had even more fun.

It  Mike Robinson’s Birthday and Mike’s cousin Justin asked Romain to put something together for his birthday, which they did. I filmed it and we sent it to Mike.  I thought we would share it with you. Mike is a ventriloquist and he did his act was at Magie Montreal in 1987. We have seen him since at different Magic gatherings but the last time we saw him perform was at the CAM Convention in Kitchener and we were killing ourselves laughing. They did a song about a Rooster and Phil played the piano for him.  Our cheeks hurt from laughing so much. I hope he had a happy birthday and here is the little skit from Phil and Romaine. There was no script or rehearsal, which I’m sure is evident but they sure had a ball doing it.

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