Showmanship, Magicians, and 3 year olds.

Showmanship, its what magic is all about. Here at Perfect Magic we have books and DVD’s on the subject, and although your magic may be impeccable you can improve your act if you are willing to listen to constructive criticism by those in the know.

And then there are the 3 year olds. I just love this so much. The other  day a lovely lady came into our shop to buy some magic for her 6 year old daughter. One of the tricks she bought was the Appearing Flower. Its a trick a two year old could do and I showed her a video of my 2 year old grand son performing it. He is now 6, by the way and loves magic.

So recently I met the lady and asked her how her daughter liked the magic tricks. She told me the little 3 year old wanted to be involved and the two of them put on a show for her.

Never having read a book on showmanship, and never having watched a DVD on the subject the 3 year old took the empty black flower pot and extended his arm to his audience of one showing her the empty pot and then he swung his arm to the left and to the right, showing the empty pot to the members of his imaginary audience and as he’s waving his arm to the right and to the left  he asks his audience,”Can you see the flower? Can you smell the flower?” and then called  his older sister’s name. She came out with the magic wand in her hand, and tapped the flower pot and lo and behold a flower appeared. And this 3 year old, who never read a book on showmanship, steps forward, extends his hand with pot and flower and says “Viola!”

How do you like them apples! Can you smell the flower? Rich!  3 years old. And I must say it struck me and bugged me a little that although the tricks were bought for the 6 year old, she ended up being the assistant to her 3 year old brother.  But I digress.

The mother was killing herself that she hadn’t taped the whole thing. Go know.


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2 responses to “Showmanship, Magicians, and 3 year olds.

  1. BRAVO! Thank you Evy for sharing this lovely and educational story.


  2. I’ve demonstrated this effect so many times and never thought of smelling the flowers. I used the line on someone yesterday and he roared with laughter. He bought the trick, too.


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