Are You Prepared For Your Christmas Shows?

My answer to that question would be, if you are prepared for your year round shows you are prepared for your Christmas shows. This may sound counter-productive to my business of selling magic, but if you have a great show and are comfortable with it, why change it, unless to improve it.

It’s true the kids are all keyed up about Christmas, and they will be all keyed up about a magic show as well. My advice would be, not that anyone listens, is if you want to do a show with a Christmas theme, adapt the show that you are now doing without changing it too much. You know what they say, “If it ain’t broken…” You can add that theme to your show for a reasonable amount.  If you do a hat tear routine in your regular show, do a Santa Hat Tear for your Christmas show. If you do something with a Devil’s Hank, and you want to add a Christmas touch, we have a Deluxe Christmas Devil’s Hank with 2 pockets, and Jeff at the Browser’s Den tells me he uses a routine whereby he changes the color of  candy canes from white to striped with it. We have lots of holiday magic and some of it will add holiday sparkle to your show, but don’t make up a whole new show if you have one that works.

By the way, my personal favorite is a 36″ Christmas Silk that is absolutely gorgeous and has vibrant colors and no writing.  A great finale to come out a a change bag or other production item that you may have. Whatever you do, don’t stray far from what you do well and may all your shows be merry!


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2 responses to “Are You Prepared For Your Christmas Shows?

  1. Do you still have that thing where you put the black and white picture into a frame and it comes out in colour? Because the Santa picture for that makes a wonderful addition.


  2. We do not have that one any longer, but we have lots of other great stuff.


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