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Magie Montreal Magic Dealers Part 2.

The other post I did on Magic Dealers at Magie Montreal was a really popular post. Everyone liked it except one person, Hans Zahn from Videonics. Its not that he didn’t like it, he didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t in it, so to make him happy, being a friend as well as a magic dealer, I decided to put in another batch of photos of dealers, now that I found one with him in it. Happy Hans?

Also included are Sid Lorraine. Some of you younger magicians may ask “Who is Sid Lorraine?” He was one of the greats.  We were honoured by his presence.

Meir Yedid, whose literally finger flickin’ magic is something to behold. Click on his name to see him with Paul Daniels.

Dave Cresey. Everyone knows his mouth coils. I posted a blog concerning him at one of our conventions that you may enjoy if you haven’t already read it.

John Cornelius, who is the original inventor of Pen Thu Anything, Perfect  Pen and Thought Transmitter, just to name a few.

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