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The Great Unknown Part 2

I think we could all use a smile so read on.

When I wrote The Great Unknown I had it in the back of my mind that there were more photos, but I couldn’t find them. It seemed to me that one year Daniel Raymond, came on stage carrying a suitcase. He opened it up and out came his brother.  Then I found some photos. I was going to put them up and then I misplaced those. While looking for them I found some others, and I  also found the ones I misplaced. But what I didn’t remember was that in 1984 Daniel Raymond won the Tom Auburn Award. Daniel wrote us an email and enclosed a copy of a letter we had received and sent him. So after finding the photos and the letter and the email, I felt the post I had written had some salient facts missing. So to complete the picture…First the letter from Daniel.

Hi Evy

You know, what I remember the most accurately, not to say vividly, from Magie Montreal is, of course, the tremendous amount of fun I had participating but, above all, the enthusiastic and unexpected (by me) reaction of spectators after my performances.

I came to Magie Montreal, as a performer and as an MC, with no expectation and no ambition whatsoever, really! no kidding!

My only goal was enjoying myself and giving fun to the audiences to the best of my limited abilities.

I always entered competitions while being perfectly aware of my ‘’amateur’’ status and the fact that I was performing along with, and among, professionals. So, my expectations were extremely realistic.

That’s why I was the most surprised person (of them all attending the convention) when I won the Magic Tom Auburn Award (for most entertaining act) in 1984.

I never, ever, took myself seriously and always went for the experience, the fun and the mingling with seasoned pros.

But it has always been pleasant, moving and heart-warming to see people who felt sorry for me when I didn’t win the stage competition, even though I was not expecting it myself in the first place.

Somehow it showed me that I must have been doing a good job after all, for an amateur.

And I never felt bad, not even for a fraction of a second, when the prizes went to better rehearsed magicians than me, especially magicians who were trying to win an honest living out of their magic by opposition to me, the part-time clown.

I thought it would bring you a smile to read/rediscover a letter that DRALIN sent to Phil back in March 1986.

Of course that Dralin was being overly nice to me but, at the time, even though I perfectly understood (and agreed with) the competition outcome, I found his letter very touching. We barely knew each other and he had no obligations to go out of his way to write about his feelings.

Sweet memories, indeed J

Very best regards.

I’ll certainly soon drop by the shop to say hello. It’s been such a long time…

And this is the letter from Dralin

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